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  Important Festivals at Gangapur


This is also called Vyasa poornima which falls on the full moon day of Ashada month of Indian calendar and normally in July. This is the most auspicious day for the worship of one's Guru. As far as Dattaguru Bhandara Trust is concerned it is the inaugural day of the trust and is the much celebrated one by it. By that time Sai devotees attached to the trust from various parts of the country assemble together and worship Baba and Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj with great devotion. On that date 2000 or more devotees are offered Sai prasad food.

Sri Padavallabha Jayanthi:

Celebrated on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi also called Ganesh Chaturthi falling in the month of September in English calendar.

The tenth day after Navarathri falling in the month of October. This is also the samadhi day of Sri Shirdi Sainath. In Gangapur palkhi utsav will be there between Paduka Mandir and Kalleshwar temple. As the token of wishing prosperity devotees mutually offer a leaf called "semipathri".
Naraka Chaturdasi:

Falling on Ashwija Bahula Chaturdasi. There are eight holy spots sanctified by Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj in the course of Bheema river called "Ashta Tirthams". On this day under the leadership of Maharaj represented by His "Dandi" all the devotees take bath at all these holy spots in the order.
•  Shatkula Tirtham
•  Nrisimha Tirtham
•  Bhagirathi Tirtham
•  Papanasha Tirtham
•  Koti Tirtham
•  Rudrapada Tirtham
•  Chakreshwar Tirtham
•  Manmadha Tirtham
Karthik Poornima:

The full moon day in the month of Karthik coming in the month of November in English calendar. Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj goes to sangam in palkhi along with public and there all exchange and partake food and this is called "Vana-bhojan". During night all return back to Gangapur.
Datta Jayanthi:

Falling on Margasira Shuddha Chaturdasi, in the month of December in English calendar, the birthday of Lord Dattatreya is celebrated with much enthusiasm. The next day i.e. "Margasira Poornima" rathotsavam i.e. car festival is celebrated.
Nrisimha Saraswathi Swami Jayanthi: (Pushya Shudda Dwitiya):

Falling in the month of “Pushya” i.e. January in English calendar, the birthday of Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj is celebrated.
Magha Poornima:

This falls in the month of February and is the full moon day in the month of Magha. Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj during the final period of His stay decided to shed His human frame and made preparations for it. To the subjects of Gangapur He informed that He was just leaving for Srisailam and would not return for ever. They could not bear this and to console them He gifted His Nirguna (formless) Padukas as His representative. Then He left for Srisailam and there disappeared in the Krishna river. In memory of His departure on this day this great festival is celebrated with full gala for five days.
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