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"Sai, you are the Universal Father,You are the Universal Mother,Kindly confer every dependant of you with all the Four aspects or goals of auspiciousness ....
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As one goes closer to the sun he becomes warmer. Similar to that when one contemplates on Sadguru Sainath and develops more intimacy, with the additional grace radiated from the Great Master, wonderful spiritual feast is enjoyed by the concerned devotee. When a delicious dish is shared along with others it gives more happiness. Like that this web page is intended to share such spiritual feast along with Sai devotees visiting this web site.
Sainama Sankirtan:

For anything name and form are inseparable. When you just mention a name, a mental figure is produced immediately that of the object associated with the name. When God is originally formless, just for the sake of His devotee-children, time to time He comes down on earth in various forms with different names attached to them. Not only that, He deputes His representatives namely saints to enlighten the people about the perishable nature of the worldly life and to achieve the most glorious aim of merging their souls with Himself, the process being named salvation or mukthi. After this the concerned soul will be totally merged with God with nomore separate identity and will be immersed in eternal joy.

Unless a highly intimate contact is developed between God and a particular soul how this merger is possible? For his we should make God happily reside in our mind and atma. While various sadhanas (spiritual exercises) are prescribed for this by great saints, Namasankirtan (Namajapa) i.e. chanting repeatedly God's name is prescribed as the infallible sadhana for Kaliyug. In our present fast moving world practicing other sadhanas are difficult and simply chanting God's name is so easy, suitable to all conditions, men or women irrespective of caste, creed etc. That is why it was very much liked, recommended and practiced by Sadguru Sainath of Shirdi.

When anybody goes to a new place he tries to stay in some place suitable to his nature. God is having no attributes or qualities and naturally if He is to reside in our atma (soul) it should be perfectly pure with no attributes or qualities. Though our atma is pure by its original nature, with the association of mind, sense etc. it develops an impure condition. God's name is the purifier for the contaminated atma. As we go on chanting and chanting God's name associated with any of His genuine forms, gradually everything associated with our atma i.e. body, mind, speech and action all become so pure, washing away all impurities such as kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya that without invitation Almighty comes and resides in our atma and the person associated with it becomes divinely i.e., a genuine representative of God. A nice illustration of this is Sri Valmiki, the writer of "Sri Ramayanam". Originally he was a bandit in forest and after getting enlightened by Narada about the vagueness of His attachments, switches over to ceaseless chanting the name of 'Rama'. Even in this see how God's grace is. He could not be taught to chant God's name properly as 'Rama'. Using his shrewdness Narada made him to chant 'mara' which produced the needed effect of chanting the nama as "Rama" and ultimately he was raised to the level of writing himself the great voluminous glory of Lord Rama (Ramayana).
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Impact of Baba on Modern World:

Dear Saibandhus,
The world we live in is a complicated one. After coming into this world, one should be free from the clutches of Maya. When Maya gains power, God manifests Himself in age after age to save His beloved devotees from its powerful clutches. This is the mission of the Lord and for Baba His one of the forms; this is the most vital one. Holding Baba's feet we are sure to cross any trouble in the path and finally merge with the Almighty, the highest status possible for any soul. Rare are the sadhus and saints who after attaining God vision, strive for the welfare of other people but Baba with His infinite love promoted His devotees also to attain this status. Sai was originally formless. He assumed a form only for the sake of devotee's easy recognition and welfare.

As discussed above, the main mission of Baba is processing of souls for final salvation or merger with the Almighty. This is not a single operation; it may take so many births according to the Almighty's will. As the custodian or guide for the soul for enlightenment, to accomplish this goal, naturally Baba's responsibility continues. Sai Baba often said that "Let My man be at any distance, a thousand koss away from Me, he will be drawn to Shirdi like a sparrow, with a thread tied to its feet". These words simply reflect the same opinion as stated above about Baba's mission. Sri Narasimha Swamiji has considered in the book titled "Life of Sai Baba" the following unique features of our sadguru Sainath; In Baba's school there are infinite number of students but they have only one teacher i.e., Baba.

Almost in all other schools of thought there prevail systematic propaganda to influence people to adopt their policies. In Baba's margam, no such propaganda is present. The actual propaganda takes place from person to person due to the heart-felt experiences of them. With the abundant grace showered by Baba, the first person crosses over his difficulties and is switched over from sorrow to happiness. His overflowing gratitude to Baba impels him to influence some other person in his original situation also to put faith on Baba and have relief like himself and this continues as a chain. In the present modern material world, without purposes nobody follows anybody and worship him. Devotees might have known that almost in the entire globe, there is no place where a Sai mandir is not existing. This is naturally due to the impact of Baba. Baba is even now active and even now responds to the genuine prayer of devotees and this is an eternal process. Thereby the question of time whether ancient, modern or future does not arise with Baba's mission.
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Om Karmadhvamsine Namaha:

This is the 51st one in Sai ashtothram, which means, "I bow to Sai who is the destroyer of the effects of all the past deeds i.e. karma". Every being has to face the results of their past actions whether good or bad. In the creation of God for any action there is a reaction. For example in a stand still water if you throw a stone, rings are formed. Like that, for any action by any system of the Universe there will be a reaction. As far as each soul is concerned, this reaction is called karma. This effect has to be nullified before the soul gets salvation or merger with the Almighty, who is free from attributes. Till then according to the previous actions of Karma, birth after birth the soul experiences pleasures and pains mixed together. It is the universal opinion that karma cannot be destroyed and necessarily has to be enjoyed. But Almighty in full capacity as the Creator, Protector, Destroyer and Baba who is Almighty Himself, with His infinite love towards His bhakthas has proved that He can wipe out, undertake, modify and prescribe to wipe out this difficult karma, for which we are having instances or references in Satcharitra and other concerned books.

Sri B.V. Narasimha Swamiji, the chosen apostle of Baba has composed the Sai ashtothram. In one of the satsangs in 1995 with devotee attached to Dattaguru Bhandara Trust, Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji of Shirdi had a discussion about this particular nama "Om Karmadhvamsine Nahama" and he narrated one incident in support of this, which is given now. One lady from Hyderabad by name Amruthavalli was seriously affected with T.B and at the suggestion of one Kusabhuva was taken to Shirdi in her hopeless condition, to get it cured by Baba Himself. She was placed in Sathe wada and her relatives met Baba at Chavadi and narrated her case. Baba gave such an assurance that they need not worry about her and He would take care of her. Again when they came late in the night to see the lady she was already dead. With no other go they were thinking of how to dispose her body in the morning. To their astonishment before dawn that the lady was alive again in somewhat healthy condition and they were totally perplexed. The lady herself narrated her experience that in the night, she was dragged by two ugly persons and her life actually left her body. But, Baba with His Satka fought with those demon like persons and reinstated her life in the body. Eventhough it was the first time for them to go to Shirdi that lady described every moment of Baba's action in Chavadi and afterwards it was confirmed that what she said was fully true. According to her bad karmas, she had to die or already dead. For her to again revive with life, is it not karmadhvamsam - destruction of karma? One thing in this juncture we have to observe. Perfect saints in whom Almighty dwells are having the same capacity of performing any deeds like the Almighty Himself. There is such a subtle arrangement among component systems of the universe, the creation of Almighty, that in addition to time, location and other aspects, a perfect synchronization is prevailing concerned with each and every activity going on that even a small disturbance made at one point in this system may have a great resultant reaction with the entire universal system which may be felt or not. So, saints honouring this universal synchronization or arrangement of God eventhough there are capable of, won't interfere with it. But, in certain cases when souls attached to them are suffering to the core and the same take asylum in the saints with total surrender, with their infinite motherly love they decide to violate this rule and interfere with the system or in other words they undertake to wipeout, modify or prescribe means for souls to come out of the situation i.e. karma.
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