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  Dattaguru Bhandara Trust - Glimpse
Inspiration to start:

A divine order during Sainama bhajan at Datta Paduka Mandir, Scindhia Ghat, Varanasi on 21-11-1994 , Kartik Poornima.
First Donor : Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji of Shirdi
The two Eyes of the mission :

1) Nitya Annadan as Sai Datta prasad during noon.
2) Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan.

•  Inauguration of Annaprasadalaya on 12th July 1995 , Gurupoornima.

•  Full-fledged Saidatta prasad bhojan serving from 30th July 1996, Gurupoornima.

•  Inauguration of Shirdi Sai Mandir on 20.07.1997, Gurupoornima.

•  Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan with Sai Tarakanama
   "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" initiated at 9 hrs 9 minutes on 09.07.1998,    Gurupoornima.

•  Nama stupam (with added facility) with 11 crores of 'Sri Sai' nama with adding facility inaugurated on    28.07.1999 Gurupoornima.

• Akhanda Athirudrabhishekam performed for the first time in the history of Gangapur from    11.03.2002 to 18.03.2002 (12.03.2002 - Maha Shivarathri day).

•  Laksha Annadanam performed at Sabarimala, Kerala on 23.12.2002.

•  Akhanda Athirudrabhishekam performed for the first time in the history of Shirdi from    12.02.2004 to 20.02.2004    (18.02.2004 - Maha Shivarathri day).

•  Akhanda Athirudrabhishekam performed at Kashi from 03.03.2005 to 10.03.2005    (08.03.2005 - Maha Shivarathri day).

• Akhanda Athirudrabhishekam coordinated by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust at Sri Shirdi    Sairam Sanasthan, dakshina Shirdi, Thiruwilvamala, Kerala performed for the first time in    entire Kerala state from 23-02-2006 to 03-03-2006
   (26-02-2006 - Maha Shivarathri day).

Construction of a life saving Ghat at Papa Vinasha Theertham on the bank of river Bheema inaugurated on Gurupoornima 2007.

• Inauguration of Sai Mandir in Rama Janma Bhoomi, Ayodhya, U.P. on 14.04.2008, Sri Ramanavami.

•  Pratishta of “Saieshwar”, Shiva Lingam at Tripura Bairavi Temple at Varanasi (Kashi) on  17-10-2010, Vijayadasami.

For the peaceful performances of sadhanas by devotees on Sadguru Sainath Maharaj, a near replica of Shirdi Dwarakamayi was developed and dedicated for public worship on 15.07.2011, Gurupoornima.

From 29.10.2012 to 02.11.2012, Pavitrotsavam, the grand special prayer practised in the Vaishnava tradition was performed for the expiation of possible mistakes inadvertently committed during the regular worship within Dattaguru Bhandara Trust. 

The unalloyed ecstasy experienced by an assembly of devotees from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu was instrumental in undertaking the herculean task of sanctifying the Bheema-Amaraja Sangam, Gangapur, by cleaning the garbage accumulated there for ages.

  Estimated Figures:
Minimum no. of devotees having partaken Sai Datta prasad upto 30.11.2016 Gurupoornima: 8,81,124
Minimum number of chanting of Sai tarakanama "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" :  36 lakhs per year
Minimum no. of chantings of Sai tarakanama "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" completed upto 30.11.2016, Gurupoornima:  8,50,00,000
 Registration with Government Departments
The Trust enjoys perfect registration with government departments. With inception as a charitable trust on 12-11-1996 with its registration with its registrar, Malkajgiri, Andhra Pradesh , India , the trust has got the following as its objects.

(a)  Relief of the poor.

(b)  To develop brother-hood and equanimity among humans as preached by "Shri Saibaba of Shirdi”.

(c)  To work for literacy and education of orphans.

(d)  To follow and spread the ideals of Shirdi Saibaba, Dattatreya etc.

(e)  To undertake social and spiritual services.

(f)  To provide medical relief to the needy.

(g)  To provide amenities to pilgrims in pilgrim centres.

(h)  Nitya Anna-santharpana in pilgrim centres like Kshetra Gangapur.
The Trust has also registration with the “Income Tax Department” as a charitable Trust and holds a valid 80G exemption by which contributions to it are exempted from Income Tax.

The registered office is at:
“Saibaba Ke Mutt, Sangam Road,
Kshetra Gangapur,
Afzalpur Taluk,
Gulbarga District,
Karnataka State,
India, Pin – 585 212.”
Phone :- (08470) 274316.

The activities of the Trust are governed by a Trust board having maximum capacity of 5 members.

For details of evolution of Dattaguru Bhandara Trust click here: Advent of Baba
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