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"Sai, you are the Universal Father,You are the Universal Mother,Kindly confer every dependant of you with all the Four aspects or goals of auspiciousness ....
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  Almighty is described to be having three qualities namely;
(1)  Omnipotence   -   The power to do anything He wants.

(2)  Omnipresence -   Present everywhere with no exception at the same time.

(3)  Omniscience    -   Knowing everything in this Universe.

Inspite of His limitless power like this normally He does not act Himself. When He wishes to do something He inspires and actuates somebody and using him as His instrument accomplishes it. Even to act on His behalf to do something good one must have acquired great merits. When the concerned person(s) get credit for the performance, just like a benign mother, God is pleased to the core.

In that regard Dattaguru Bhandara Trust enjoys privileges to execute some worthy, soul satisfying great projects, inspired and executed by Sadguru Sainath, placing the trust members at the fore front.

(1)   Samuhika Dattamala Mantra Homam:

Devotees doing parayana of "Sri Sai Satcharitra" might have come across "Sri Tembe Swami' alias Vasudevananda Saraswathy, a contemporary saint of Baba's time. He renovated the entire Lord Dattatreya cult and for the welfare of the world composed the most efficacious "Dattamala mantram". In 1999 Baba inspired a devotee to perform something good in which large devotees could participate and earn His grace. This was conveyed to Dattaguru Bhandara Trust and the first "Samuhika Dattamala mantra homam" took place near Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. Occupying the four sides of each dhuni, around 27 dhunis, so nicely arranged, 108 couples simultaneously performed homam, conducted by vedic pandits from Gangapur. Great was the result of this homam. After practically observing its efficacy the same was arranged at various places like Hyderabad, Varanasi, Rameshwaram etc. and the 15th one was at Lendibagh in Shirdi on 19-11-2001. Beyond description was the effect of this homam which even Shirdi people were exclaiming that such a yagna was not arranged till then. The selfless spirit of Dattaguru Bhandara Trust was so nicely received by Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan that every possible co-operation was perfectly offered for the programme.

(2)   Sai Laksha Annadan at Sabarimala in 2002:

God is the inspirer, actuator and also the executor. Such a sequential play He performs that when after a project of Him is accomplished and remembered again boundless ecstacy wells in the minds of the concerned ones. The Sai Laksha Annadanam by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust is worth description in this regard.

In 1997 the first samadhi anniversary of Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji, the mentor for Dattaguru Bhandara Trust, was observed. In a subtle manner the founder of Dattaguru Bhandara Trust was made to take a vow that she would arrange to feed to one lac people at a stretch. This was brooding in her mind from then. The massiveness of the commitment, the suitable place for performing it and to raise the funds for the same, all were questions. Little did she know that it was Baba's play. So many places were surveyed and Sai Himself in the form of Sri Sabarimla Ayyappa, the celebrated God of Kerala came forward to accomplish that in the most suitable manner. He inspired, He arranged everything and perfectly executed that in December 2002 to the full justification of the commitment, a minimum of 1,06,000 Ayyappa devotees were offered Sai Prasad food at Pampa , the foot of Sabarimala. The note worthy feature of this annadan was that it was not just an act of filling the bellies of one lac humans. It was timely, given to those who with great ordeal came for darshan of Ayyappa, where even by paying money one could not have sumptuous quantity of quality food. How to thank Baba for this, words fail only tears roll.

3)   Akhanda Athirudrabhishekams:

When one holds fast to Sadguru Sainath even casual good thoughts from devotees get registered in His benign grace and such a perfect shape is given to those thoughts or dreams of the concerned devotees. The performance of three Akhanda Athirudrabhishekams, the greatest yagna with the Yajur vedic mantram RUDRAM is an example for that. It is needless whether one knows the subject or not but sincere feelings are enough and are so much encouraged that even impossible tasks become possible ones to be achieved, with Sai's grace.

In the year 2002 when parayana of Sri Gurucharitra was made by the founder of the Dattaguru Bhandara Trust the great efficacy of Rudra mantram, described in chapter 34 of the same drew her attention. She dreamt how it would be if atleast once an Athirudrabhishekam was performed by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust. Mother Sai received her thought and when the founder was assailed by confidence on Baba oneside and lack of knowledge and where with all to perform that on the otherside, using a sadhu at the outskirts of Gangapur as His instrument, Baba gave clearance to proceed. In all Dattakshetrams, abhishekams are done only with Rudra mantra. Organised by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust the fist ever Akhanda Athirudrabhisheka Sapthaham took place. It is not exaggeration to say that Gangapur became a veritable Kailas . On Shivarathri in that sapthaham with water collected from all holy rivers of Bharat such as Ganga , Kaveri, Bheema, Manasa Sarovar, Rameshwar abhishek was done. From 11-03-2002 to
18-03-2002 the Rudrabhishekam was non stop and totally about 15000 Namakkams and 1400 Chamakkams, parts of Rudra mantram were chanted! In addition to that other poojas like godanam, dampathi pooja, brahmachari pooja, annadan all took place to the ecstacy of the participants.

It was Baba's arrangement that the above programme was attended by one sincere officer of Shirdi Sai Sansthan and with his introduction the selfless service of Dattaguru Bhandara Trust was brought to the consideration of the Sansthan. With its full support and encouragement from 12-02-2004 to 20-02-2004 with the holy Maha Shivarathri on 18-02-2004 , the same yagna was repeated at Lendibagh. The final kalasabhishekam with holy water charged with Rudra mantram for 8 days was performed to Baba's samadhi itself and the collected water was distributed as the Maha prasad.

When the above performance had melted even the hearts of normal observers what would have been the effect with Rudra or Shiva who was the recipient of the devotees' feelings through the Rudrabhishekam? When it was opined by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust that this hard exercise was over, with a subtle call from Lord Vishwanath the ruling deity of Varanasi (Kashi) from 03-03-2005 to 10-03-2005 at the Hanuman Mandir at Hanuman Ghat Akhanda Athirudrabhishekam took place and the final Rudrabhishekam was performed to Kashi Vishwanath lingam Himself. The divinity of the yagna can be inferred from the following statement of one great and great vedic scholar who by himself attended the programme. He openly declared "Dear devotees! Yourself you don't know that Lord Vishwanath Himself has appointed you to perform this great yagna. Performing Athirudram in the way you have performed is not an ordinary feat. Only Lord Vishwanath knows how this area where you have performed this powerful yagna will radiate with divinity in future".

When Dattaguru Bhandara Trust again thought that its activities with Athirudram was over it was not so. A very staunch devotee of Baba stationed at Abu Dhabi in gulf, even without attending the programme was thrilled in his heart and had appealed Dattaguru Bhandara Trust to organize the same yagna in their Sai Mandir at Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur district, Kerala. Will Dattaguru Bhandara Trust reject this bonus? It is offering its full support to make the same a perfect success. We wish to inform devotees that this yagna will take place from 23-02-2006 to 02-03-2006 .

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