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   " Nitya Annadan" -"Nirantara Sainaam "

The Two eyes of the Dattaguru Bhandara Trust:

Annadan and Nama Sankirtan have been dearer to Sadguru Sainath . As the practical application of the above Nitya Annadan and Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan are performed at Dattaguru Bhandara Trust which are the very eyes of trust in its services.

Nitya Annadan:

It is the much stressed principle by our holy scriptures and saints that food is Brahman (i.e. God) and offering food to the hungry is equivalent to give one his very life. Also charity of food is the one which gives contentment and hence treated as the best of all charities. It is the great privilege bestowed upon Dattaguru Bhandara Trust to undertake anna-santharpana or offering of holy prasad from Sadguru Sainath and Sri Nrisimha Saraswathy Swami Maharaj (the fifth and second avatars of Lord Dattatreya) in the form of south Indian food during noon.

The sympathy of Lord Dattatreya to His devotee-children is highlighted by the following consideration:

When a son meets his mother, coming from a far-off place with great affection and tender care the mother serves him with his favourite dish. Even though Gangapur is geographically located within Karnataka, a southern state of India, the culture prevailing there even now is that of Maharashtra, a north Indian state. Due to this, south Indians accustomed to rice based food are supposed to suffer. Anticipating that south Indians would be coming in large numbers in future, motherly Dattatreya has engaged Dattaguru Bhandara Trust into action that without any difficulty they would cherish tasty, fresh, timely, food of their choice, charged with His full grace by paying nothing except devotion. The normal menu consists of rice, vegetable, curry, sambar, rasam, pickle and buttermilk. Not to waste even small quantity of food, prepared out of precious contributions from devotees, an estimate of the partaking devotees is made. From 8:30 A.M to 10:00 A.M daily prasad coupons are issued, based on that food is prepared.
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Nirantara Sainaam

The second eye of Datta Guru Bhandara Trust activity is Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan with the Sai Tarakanama "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI".

For this Kaliyug chanting God's name (or naam) is prescribed as the infallible method to easily and effectively earn His grace. In "Sai Satcharitra", the holy book for all Sai devotees in so many places the importance and efficacy of chanting God's name or nama sankirtan had been highlighted. Baba had Himself encouraged so many devotees to practice it.

How to redeem Baba for the rarest of privileges conferred on Dattaguru Bhandara Trust to initiate the first ever Nirantara (eternal) Sainama Sankirtan in the entire world? In nirantara nama sankirtan the chanting must be continuous without break and after initiating it, the same should be continued without break for ever inspite of any kind of obstacles. Only great saints had the privilege and power to undertake such things. The humble attachment to Sai's feet had given Dattaguru Bhandara Trust this greatest privilege.

To do full justification to the opportunity given by Baba the concerned members of the Trust charged themselves with perfect divine grace by having yatra to so many holy places for about six months before initiating the Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan with the Sai Tarakanama
"OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" at 9:09 A.M. on 09-07-1998, Gurupoornima. From then, so effectively the chanting is being continued.
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