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"Sai, you are the Universal Father,You are the Universal Mother,Kindly confer every dependant of you with all the Four aspects or goals of auspiciousness ....
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Sainama Sankirtan:

For anything name and form are inseparable. When you just mention a name, a mental figure is produced immediately that of the object associated with the name. When God is originally formless, just for the sake of His devotee-children, time to time He comes down on earth in various forms with different names attached to them. Not only that, He deputes His representatives namely saints to enlighten the people about the perishable nature of the worldly life and to achieve the most glorious aim of merging their souls with Himself, the process being named salvation or mukthi. After this the concerned soul will be totally merged with God with nomore separate identity and will be immersed in eternal joy.

Unless a highly intimate contact is developed between God and a particular soul how this merger is possible? For his we should make God happily reside in our mind and atma. While various sadhanas (spiritual exercises) are prescribed for this by great saints, Namasankirtan (Namajapa) i.e. chanting repeatedly God's name is prescribed as the infallible sadhana for Kaliyug. In our present fast moving world practicing other sadhanas are difficult and simply chanting God's name is so easy, suitable to all conditions, men or women irrespective of caste, creed etc. That is why it was very much liked, recommended and practiced by Sadguru Sainath of Shirdi.

When anybody goes to a new place he tries to stay in some place suitable to his nature. God is having no attributes or qualities and naturally if He is to reside in our atma (soul) it should be perfectly pure with no attributes or qualities. Though our atma is pure by its original nature, with the association of mind, sense etc. it develops an impure condition. God's name is the purifier for the contaminated atma. As we go on chanting and chanting God's name associated with any of His genuine forms, gradually everything associated with our atma i.e. body, mind, speech and action all become so pure, washing away all impurities such as kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya that without invitation Almighty comes and resides in our atma and the person associated with it becomes divinely i.e., a genuine representative of God. A nice illustration of this is Sri Valmiki, the writer of "Sri Ramayanam". Originally he was a bandit in forest and after getting enlightened by Narada about the vagueness of His attachments, switches over to ceaseless chanting the name of 'Rama'. Even in this see how God's grace is. He could not be taught to chant God's name properly as 'Rama'. Using his shrewdness Narada made him to chant 'mara' which produced the needed effect of chanting the nama as "Rama" and ultimately he was raised to the level of writing himself the great voluminous glory of Lord Rama (Ramayana).

Human psychology is such that if anything is frequently repeated, the mind becomes positively responsive to the repeated matter. This is commercially exploited by advertisement agencies. In T.V. or radio some advertisements are frequently repeated ultimately compelling the advertised item to be bought by us. The same thing holds good for divine names also. By ceaseless repetition of the God's name the human mind gradually evacuates all other thoughts and actions. Even the sins accumulated in the past and present births (karma) which are the causes for future sufferings are also washed away. The entire system associated with our body, mind, intellect, atma is filled with divine consciousness and what is needed more - the body becomes a moving temple of God . When God is residing and acting from inside all narrow tendencies vanish away and all divine qualities such as sympathy, benevolence, tolerance, humility, rule us and whatever you see you see only God in it. Not only that the power of God radiates itself from that body and even the entire surrounding atmosphere becomes divine. In other words namasmaranam is such a philosopher's stone which can convert even the wicked man into a saintly person.

A shrewd reader of this may like to ask what is the personal benefit he gets out of this namasmaranam. It is pointed out by our shastras that whatever be the thought in our mind at our last moment, according to the same we will become in our next birth. Already we have mentioned that merging with God once for all with nomore births and deaths is the greatest level any soul can achieve. Naturally to get this accomplished, in our last moment we should be thinking of only God. Nobody knows in what situation one's last moment may be. Due to various problems such as old age, disease, commitments or even the fear of death one may not be able to remember God at his last moment if he has not trained himself to achieve it. By regular and frequently repeated chanting i.e. namasmaranam after some stage even without your own knowing your sub-conscious mind will continue to perform a ceaseless namasmaranam of what you practiced, unaffected by anything that happens to your body or outer mind. This subconscious akhanda namasmaranam will take care to make your atma remember your beloved form of God at the last moment to merge you for ever with the Almighty in that form. Is it not wonderful?

Whatever is discussed so far is general. As we are concerned with Sadguru Sainath as the form of our Almighty let us discuss now how to participate in a Sainama sankirtan which is nothing but namasmaranam in a congregational manner.

Wherever Sainama-sankirtan is going on it's a veritable Shirdi. Forget the entire world and assume yourself that you are taken to Baba's time and sitting before Baba in the Dwarakamayi Masjid. Seeing Him your entire system body, mind and atma are thrown to ecstacy. When others may forsake us in distress Baba is the only saviour to save us out of the situation. Also He is the ferryman to ferry us reach the final greatest goal namely Mukthi or salvation. With this feeling you are chanting His tarakanama "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" which bears the meaning Sai, You are the Universal Father, You are the Universal Mother. Kindly bestow the four purusharthas or benefits namely dharma, artha, kama and moksha to us, Your humble devotees.

Sincerely feeling this even the chanting of the nama will be modulated with a melting tone. When such a bhavam is there what alternative is there for Sadguru Sainath, who declared Himself to be the bonded slave of His devotees than undertaking all your cares and worries?

In any Sainama sankirtan if you are leading the chanting sing with this bhavam. If you are giving chorus, with the same bhavam do it without spoiling the tune of the leading person. If even this is difficult to perform just feel the above, close your eyes and enjoy the chanting without disturbing others.

Whenever Sainama sankirtan is going on, the place is equivalent to a Sai Mandir. Converting that into a place of discussions and chitchatting are great sins. Whereas we have come there to wash our sins with Sainama doing all these will take us to the loss side. Is it agreeable to expect ourselves to come to the venue for incurring loss? Kindly see that you are not committing these sins and not made a participant in such sinful activities. If active participation is not possible just close your eyes and enjoy bliss from Sainama.

A curiosity may arise in the mind of a devote whether he is properly participating the nama and whether he is on the profit side. The sure symptom of this is that when he is participating in the nama all the worries get forgotten and an indescribable peace dwells upon your mind. A feeling that you should participate more and more the sankirtan occupies your mind. The best symptom is even after you leave the venue the feeling of you remaining in the same place exists with the nama ringing in your heart and ears filling happiness in your mind.

With this primary push yourself and Sainama will become intimate friends. After sufficient purification of your atma with Saianama like this without asking Baba is going to reside in your heart permanently. When the Great Caretaker is within yourself what more is required then? Where is the room for troubles for you? Stick to this one sadhana and submerge yourself in everlasting happiness. Are you ready to sacrifice this easily available most valuable gift from Sai? Think well and act.
Let Sainama be our Sadhana
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