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"Sai, you are the Universal Father,You are the Universal Mother,Kindly confer every dependant of you with all the Four aspects or goals of auspiciousness ....
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Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji

This Trust is dedicated to Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji.

"Pujyaya Dharma Padaya Saitatva Vrathayacha
Sadashivaya Shantaya Sri Sivanesan Swami
Gurubhyo Namaha
...When one's ego is completely annihilated and there is left no trace of it, I Myself shall enter into him and shall Myself write My own life" - Baba's declaration while blessing Sri Hemadpant to write Sri Sai Satcharitra. Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji who lived in Shirdi for 45 years and took samadhi in 1996 is the solid proof of this statement. With Sai seva in perfection with absolutely no claim by himself to mention, he was an exemplary Sai devotee to show the world how the Guru-sishya relation should be i.e. eventhough two personalities one in his Guru Sadguru Sainath and the other in himself existed physically but the soul in both was one. In other words eventhough the physical frame named Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji was there, in reality, it was Baba who acted perfectly from within the Swamiji. Even during his final period disclaiming any kind of importance for him the revered Swamiji wished that devotees should follow Baba, chant His sweet name, paving way for their merger into Baba Himself. Praying Baba that Dattaguru Bhandara Trust and its associated devotees may also follow the path of Swamiji, Dattaguru Bhandara Trust is pleased to dedicate everything connected with it to the holy feet of the Swamiji. Let Baba through our beloved Swamiji bless every soul attached to the Trust.
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