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Om Karmadhvamsine Namaha:

This is the 51st one in Sai ashtothram, which means, "I bow to Sai who is the destroyer of the effects of all the past deeds i.e. karma". Every being has to face the results of their past actions whether good or bad. In the creation of God for any action there is a reaction. For example in a stand still water if you throw a stone, rings are formed. Like that, for any action by any system of the Universe there will be a reaction. As far as each soul is concerned, this reaction is called karma. This effect has to be nullified before the soul gets salvation or merger with the Almighty, who is free from attributes. Till then according to the previous actions of Karma, birth after birth the soul experiences pleasures and pains mixed together. It is the universal opinion that karma cannot be destroyed and necessarily has to be enjoyed. But Almighty in full capacity as the Creator, Protector, Destroyer and Baba who is Almighty Himself, with His infinite love towards His bhakthas has proved that He can wipe out, undertake, modify and prescribe to wipe out this difficult karma, for which we are having instances or references in Satcharitra and other concerned books.

Sri B.V. Narasimha Swamiji, the chosen apostle of Baba has composed the Sai ashtothram. In one of the satsangs in 1995 with devotee attached to Dattaguru Bhandara Trust, Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji of Shirdi had a discussion about this particular nama "Om Karmadhvamsine Nahama" and he narrated one incident in support of this, which is given now. One lady from Hyderabad by name Amruthavalli was seriously affected with T.B and at the suggestion of one Kusabhuva was taken to Shirdi in her hopeless condition, to get it cured by Baba Himself. She was placed in Sathe wada and her relatives met Baba at Chavadi and narrated her case. Baba gave such an assurance that they need not worry about her and He would take care of her. Again when they came late in the night to see the lady she was already dead. With no other go they were thinking of how to dispose her body in the morning. To their astonishment before dawn that the lady was alive again in somewhat healthy condition and they were totally perplexed. The lady herself narrated her experience that in the night, she was dragged by two ugly persons and her life actually left her body. But, Baba with His Satka fought with those demon like persons and reinstated her life in the body. Eventhough it was the first time for them to go to Shirdi that lady described every moment of Baba's action in Chavadi and afterwards it was confirmed that what she said was fully true. According to her bad karmas, she had to die or already dead. For her to again revive with life, is it not karmadhvamsam - destruction of karma? One thing in this juncture we have to observe. Perfect saints in whom Almighty dwells are having the same capacity of performing any deeds like the Almighty Himself. There is such a subtle arrangement among component systems of the universe, the creation of Almighty, that in addition to time, location and other aspects, a perfect synchronization is prevailing concerned with each and every activity going on that even a small disturbance made at one point in this system may have a great resultant reaction with the entire universal system which may be felt or not. So, saints honouring this universal synchronization or arrangement of God eventhough there are capable of, won't interfere with it. But, in certain cases when souls attached to them are suffering to the core and the same take asylum in the saints with total surrender, with their infinite motherly love they decide to violate this rule and interfere with the system or in other words they undertake to wipeout, modify or prescribe means for souls to come out of the situation i.e. karma.

Baba being a perfect saint or God Himself how this attribute Karmadhvamsini i.e. destroyer of karma is applicable to Him, let us see with some illustrations from His life.

1) Chapter No. 13 of Sai Satcharitra

One such is Bhimaji Patil's instance in with the enjoyment of karma has been modified with the divine power of Baba so within a short time the enjoyment was over and the devotee could get relief. Though his karma was very strong Baba made him enjoy it with two painful dreams, thereby saved him from T.B. and death.

2) Chapter No. 34 of Sai Satcharitra

In the same manner when Dr. Pillai was unable to bear to pain caused due to guinea worms asked Baba to transfer his past karma to ten future births of his, Baba said: "Why should he suffer for ten births? In ten days, he can work out the sufferings, and consequences of his past karma. The true remedy is that, the result of past actions should be suffered and got over. Our karma is the cause of our happiness and sorrow. Therefore, put up with whatever comes to you. Allah (God) is the sole dispenser and protector, think of Him always. He will take care of you. Surrender to His feet with body, mind, wealth and speech and then see what He does!". With His divine power He arranged one Abdul to step up on the affected portion of Dr. Pillai, removed the worms and as far as the karma was concerned He made him enjoy severe pain and with that once for all do away with it.

3) Chapter No. 29 of Sai Satcharitra

Tendulkar's son's case:

When he wanted to attend some medical examination astrologers had warned him not to attend it as his stars were not favourable that year. But Baba gave him assurance and asked him to attend the examination in which he passed. Astrology is treated as the science of predictions of past, present and future and naturally karma plays vital role in it. So, even the future predictions are based on karma for actions already have been done. So a correct astrological prediction is supposed to happen and this shows how Baba for a sincere young devotee totally undertook the job of wiping out the karma as far as his education is concerned.

4) Sriram Gopal Rao Buti in whose wada Baba's Samadhi is located now, was a millionaire from Nagpur . Famous, proven astrologers told Him he was having nagadosha in his horoscope and he was bound to die with snake bite. Under the suggestion of some devotees he came to Shirdi and took asylum in Baba. You might have read in chapter 22 nd of Sai Satcharitra how Baba comforted him to be out of fear and be carefree. Eventhough as predicted Buti had to have an encounter with a snake on the prescribed day, with Baba's grace he was saved from the karma of death from snake bite.

5) In chapter 29 th of Sai Satcharitra description about a Madras Bhajan party in the tradition of saint Ramdas which came to Shirdi is described. The leader, eventhough was doing good performance lacked devotion and also equanimity and greed for money was ruling him. By that time he had a dream in which there was a conversation between Baba and himself which shows a glimpse about the power of karma and Baba's capacity over it.

6) The case of Sri Kusha Bhav (alias) Krishnaji Kashinath Joshi Mirazgoan is very good example of how Baba pointed out and prescribed to destroy one's karma;

The above person was serving a true Guru by name Datta Maharaj. One side he was doing very good seva at the other side he was craving for some siddhis or worldly powers to have an upper hand than ordinary people. Eventhough his Guru was unwilling to teach him the mantras to gain such powers, he pestered him and got him taught and ultimately succeeded in perfecting the siddhis. With his perfection he used to spell some mantra, get sweet meat, pedha etc. from thin air and distribute them to wonder struck observers.

After some years his Guru left for Himalayas and advised Kusha Bhav to approach Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi for further progress. He expected that Kusha Bhav should treat Baba as his elder brother and should not deviate even a little from what Baba said. When Kusha Bhav came to Baba, He did not allow him to enter the Masjid. For entry into the masjid Baba demanded Kusha Bhav to destroy the two iron bracelets with his siddhis encapsulated within them with which only he could perform his feats. After much thinking he destroyed them and pleased with that Baba affectionately spoke to him. Baba pointed out that by drawing articles such as pedha etc. from some place, not by genuine methods but using mantric power Kusha Bhav has accumulated sin of stealing, added to that he duped people posing himself as divine person and also by distributing the pedha etc. produced as prasad, made those who partook them as partners to his stealing. He comforted him that eventhough accumulated sins were great, He can destroy them if he obeyed His advice. Accordingly Kusha Bhav went to holy Gangapur, assiduously did 108 times parayana of Sri Guru Charitra and came back to Baba with total satisfaction. As further events point out Baba pleased with his obedience took care of the entire future life of him.

With such a protecting deity in Baba we are sure that we will be saved from any karma of us. Though for the suffering souls who got relieved by Baba's grace, it was karmadhvamsam (destruction of karma), we do not know what amount of impact or suffering it has resulted on Baba Himself, only He knows. Destruction of karma is not an ordinary matter and whoever deals with it they have to shoulder the burden. Such a trouble we do not want to give our beloved Baba. In that context knowingly or unknowingly any evil deeds had we done, we pray for atonement at the feet of Baba to forgive us. With the feeling that we should not give such a burden in the total future of our souls, we pray to Him that there shall be no performance of evils for our souls and at the appropriate time he should protect us even before such deeds are to be performed, so that such a burden of destroying those things we need not load again on His shoulders. Is prevention not better than cure?

In that context with our hearts overflowing with gratitude to Baba we devotees with Dattaguru Bhandara Trust wish to state this:

In the present social conditions, when every scope is there for us to become "Janmadhvamsinis" i.e. destroyers of precious human births without utilizing it for attaining God, by the mercy of Karmadhvamsini Sai, we are in satsang for the uplift of our souls under His feet. Again by Baba's grace, reinforcing this holy contact with Him today, tomorrow or in some day to come, definitely we will have our souls merged with His Lotus Feet.

Dear readers wait a minute!

Tring....Tring.....There is a STD for us.

Sai Ram...

It is a " Soul Trunk Dialing" i.e. a call from one of our own souls.

Observing our above statement it also feels happy and communicates

Hum bhi kathar mein hein

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