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"Sai, you are the Universal Father,You are the Universal Mother,Kindly confer every dependant of you with all the Four aspects or goals of auspiciousness ....
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Dear Saibandhus,

The world we live in is a complicated one. After coming into this world, one should be free from the clutches of Maya. When Maya gains power, God manifests Himself in age after age to save His beloved devotees from its powerful clutches. This is the mission of the Lord and for Baba His one of the forms; this is the most vital one. Holding Baba's feet we are sure to cross any trouble in the path and finally merge with the Almighty, the highest status possible for any soul. Rare are the sadhus and saints who after attaining God vision, strive for the welfare of other people but Baba with His infinite love promoted His devotees also this status. Sai was originally formless. He assumed a form only for the sake of devotee's easy recognition and welfare.

As discussed above, the main mission of Baba is processing of souls for final salvation or merger with the Almighty. This is not a single operation; it may take so many births according to the Almighty's will. As the custodian or guide for the soul for enlightenment, to accomplish this goal, naturally Baba's responsibility continues. Sai Baba often said that "Let My man be at any distance, a thousand koss away from Me, he will be drawn to Shirdi like a sparrow, with a thread tied to its feet". These words simply reflect the same opinion as stated above about Baba's mission. Sri Narasimha Swamiji has considered in the book titled "Life of Sai Baba" the following unique features of our sadguru Sainath; In Baba's school there are infinite number of students but they have only one teacher i.e., Baba.

Almost in all other schools of thought there prevail systematic propaganda to influence people to adopt their policies. In Baba's margam, no such propaganda is present. The actual propaganda takes place from person to person due to the heart-felt experiences of them. With the abundant grace showered by Baba, the first person crosses over his difficulties and is switched over from sorrow to happiness. His overflowing gratitude to Baba impels him to influence some other person in his original situation also to put faith on Baba and have relief like himself and this continues as a chain. In the present modern material world, without purposes nobody follows anybody and worship him. Devotees might have known that almost in the entire globe, there is no place where a Sai mandir is not existing. This is naturally due to the impact of Baba. Baba is even now active and even now responds to the genuine prayer of devotees and this is an eternal process. Thereby the question of time whether ancient, modern or future does not arise with Baba's mission.

This is why you might have observed in Sai Satcharita in various places to devotees like Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Shama, and Mrs.Khaparde etc Baba was mentioning His relationships with them in previous births. Even during Baba's lifetime, even afterwards you can observe so much learned people like agnihotris, doctors, lawyers etc from all walks of life, eventhough in some cases there was some initial aversion, after coming to Baba's fold all became so much attached to Him like iron to a magnet. The universal dharma never changes, but the presentation only differs. That is why some totally merged devotees with Baba like Sri Sivanesan Swamiji of Shirdi treat Sri Sai Satcharita to be the modern summarised version of Gurucharitra, Bhagavad Gita and other holy scriptures so that with Baba's talk and actions, in this modern fast moving world, this dharma can be imbibed and practised easily. One very good example of Baba's message to the modern world you can verify from chapter 38 of Sai Satcharita. The learned Sanskrit scholar in Nanasaheb Chandorkar thought that Baba was not having Sanskrit knowledge. Using a proper situation Baba analysed word by word a shloka from Bhagavad Gita, brought out its real meaning to the astonishment of Nana and brought down his pride over it.

The entire world is God's creation. With modern science so many unimaginable advancements man is able to achieve. But has he considered the fact that he himself is the creation of the great creator God? Take for example himself. From the mother's womb with a single connecting tube is not a nice baby with so many organs and mechanisms developed? Who is that great and greater engineer who designed such a complicated programme? Even after descending on earth from babyhood to old age upto death so many changes and activities take place with the same baby. With what wireless communication system, locating the control center at which place the great wirepuller is doing His job simultaneously actuating infinite number of creatures; can anybody say? Words fail, only body bows in reverence.

A modern doctor should see a greater and greater doctor in God. An engineer should consider a supreme engineer in Him and so on. Sir Isaac Newton, the father of laws of motion when honored for his contribution with knighthood stated like this, " I am like a child picking pebbles on the sea shore" echoing the same opinion stated above declaring the fact that what man had developed is infinitesimal compared to what has been created by God. Baba being God Himself and in that status it is His dharma to save even a modern man just like a mother taking care of her child, adopting Himself to the present conditions. However modern we may be, we should remember that Sai is watching over us and it is only through His grace that we can avoid obstacles. One very good example of Baba's omniscience is proved in case of Dr D. M. Mulky as cited out in the book "Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba". Mulky was posted to Bombay in the government service. His brother was devotee of Baba. A disease with his nephew not cured by modern doctors was cured by mere glance and udi of Baba and Dr. Muliky's attention was drawn towards Him. Inspite of many obstacles his atheistic attitude changed and he was converted into a staunch devotee of Baba. Is it not showing Baba's impact even in modern times?

Once upon a time the notion was that for merging with God an aspirant should remain out of the society and do his sadhana. But Baba in his own way without much exhibition and exertion taught so many devotees how in this very worldly life without moving out of it they can attain salvation. Kakasaheb Dixit, Mahalsapathi, Megha may be worth mentioning here. So Baba's impact on the souls allotted to Him is even now the same. In the present fast moving world it is not brought to our knowledge that there is something more precious than the material world. One by one man wants to aquire more and more comforts and at a particular stage when he realizes they are not going to be permanent for him his energetic days would have passed. The precious human life instead of being utilized for the highest imperishable goal of salvation would have been a just a matter appear and disappear. So without the least delay even while having worldly dealings we should have some concern about our own souls. Discriminating between the perishable and imperishable we should strive to attain oneness with God. For this, the ever active Baba ready to profusely shower His grace should be fully exploited in every possible manner. If this is not done the loss is to our souls and not to Him. Let us exploit this opportunity to markout the additional specialities of Baba to be described below.

The treatment of Baba to persons nay souls is not universal. Compared to a physician a specialist in a particular faculty collects data of a patient from every angle and based on that in a single shot he prescribes the appropriate medicine with the best results and no side effects. Like that the instructions given by Baba, the doctor of doctors to various devotees for their welfare were and are different from person to person. For example let us consider the case of Radhabai Deshmukh (chapters 18 &19) and Mrs.Khaparde (chapter 27) of Satcharita. Smt. Radhabai was fasting to have upadesh from Baba. He consoled her without giving any upadesh. But in the case of Mrs.Khaparde even without asking He advised her to chant "Rajarama" which is nothing but an upadesh. What is the meaning of this? Baba's consideration should have been that it was not appropriate that Radhabai should be given some upadesh whereas Mrs.Khaparde was fully qualified to have it immediately and that is why it was given even without asking. Devotees who had gone through the book "Khaparde's Diary" might have read the last few pages in which by the impact of Baba's grace even after knowing her approaching death Mrs.Khaparde without the least fear, after settling all her property to her successors and after doing 'Patipooja', had a peaceful demise with definite signs of mukti. So even now Baba's mission i.e. assessing the maturity of souls allotted to Him for the final deliverance and guiding them towards the goal continues and in that respect the positive impact of Baba will be continuously there, suitably adopting itself according to the maturity of souls, situation and time.

As long as Universe exists its dharma never changes and in establishing it Baba's undertaking also remains unaltered.

-Be with Baba and Be always Benefited-

Dataguru Bhandara Trust
On the infinite earth, the merciful Creator has provided limited number of sacred spots to easily and immediately develop access to Him and charge oneself with His boon bestowing grace to saturation, and be the recipient of worldly benefits of perishable nature and also spiritual benefits of imperishable nature, to the highest level of merging with Him.
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With Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan at the Sai Mandir within it, Dattaguru Bhandara is probably the Sai organization which is open all the 24 hours in a day. In addition to the round the clock Nama Sankirtan the daily routine adopted by the trust.
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