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Kind Attention Devotees !!
Sri Rama Namastupam at Ayodhya, U.P.

Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram Pathita Pavana Sitaram
Eashwar Allah Tere Naam Sabko Sanmathi Te Bhagvan

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Jai Sri Ram Jai Sai Ram.
Dattaguru Bhandara Trust, Sri Kshetra Gangapur, Karnataka is dedicated to service to society in the name of Sadguru Sainath Maharaj of Shirdi. Incepted in 1995 this charitable trust is having Nitya Annadan and Nirantara Sainama Sankirtan as its regular activities. In addition to these, time to time, it undertakes special divine projects. Recently on 29-07-2007, Gurupoornima, a life-saving beautiful bathing ghat on the Bheema river at Gangapur had been constructed and dedicated to the use of public by the trust.

By the sheer leela of Sadguru Sainath a yatra with the Sai tarakanama "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" was conducted by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust. This covered Gorakhpur, Pasupathi Nath (Nepal) and Ayodhya in U.P., the birth place of Lord Sri Ram. Immersed in the ecstatic Sainama bhajan, a resident of Ayodhya was impelled to offer his only plot in a most sacred part of Ayodhya for a Sai Mandir. With full sincerity the construction is about to be started and the very first Sai Mandir of Ayodhya is going to be opened to devotees' worship on the holy Rama Navami falling in the month of April 2008.

Devotees attached to Dattaguru Bhandara Trust were pained at their hearts to observe that for Lord Ram, chanting whose name one gets whatever he wishes, is not having a nice mandir in His own birth place. With mature thinking the following considerations came to their mind:

Lord Sri Ram is the very avatar of the Omnipresent Almighty. The entire Universe is His property. Also He never cares to have a mandir in Ayodhya by Himself. In fact to have a mandir for Him is only the wish of His devotees. If Lord Sri Ram makes up His mind to have a mandir in Ayodhya, He can accomplish that in a trice. Why He has not chosen to have it, only He knows. From inanimate to animate thing everything is under His command. Without His will even a blade of grass cannot move. Everybody, be Him a saint or a sadhu or a terrorist, is His child. As the wirepuller of the entire universe once He is pleased to have His mandir in Ayodhya, which force can prevent it? The real fact should be that we humans who wish for the temple do not deserve that to be sanctioned by Lord Ram.

Such a benign God Sri Ram is, His temple construction should not be matter of dispute, bloodshed or rivalry. It should be the matter of consensus of all. To arrive at it what is the means? Nothing is impossible with sincere prayers. With faith, devotion and submission if Lord Ram is appealed, that too congregationally - chanting His holy naam, contemplating his comely form, all the negative forces will be washed away and the concerned performers are filled with only one thing i.e. His divine grace. Not only that, with such purification the above ones see the Almighty in everything and Ram-Rahim, Eashwar-Allah, Jesus etc etc. all merge as they are the very forms of the same Almighty. The divine grace makes a genuine performer with the above approach to perceive only the stuff inside i.e., God rather than the packing namely the Margam to which they are attached for performing the above sadhana. In other words a genuine Hindu is a genuine Muslim and also a true Christian etc. etc. Without losing faith on his own faith such a one gives equal value to other faiths also. With such a shower of divine grace the impossible thing become easily possible. Had our Deshapita Mahatma Gandhi not proved this by getting for us freedom by "Ahimsa", which physical fights could not achieve, chanting the holy Ram naam?

This applies to the construction of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya also. Craving to qualify themselves with the grace of Sri Ram to see this happening in their lifetimes themselves, devotees attached to Dattaguru Bhandara Trust have determined to proceed with sincere, fervent prayers. As the initial approach, a "Rama Nama Likitha Seva" is launched by Dattaguru Bhandara Trust. A Rama Nama stupam housing crores of the naam "Sri Rama", beautifully titled as "Rama Nama Nidhi", written on books specially printed for the purpose, is going to be erected in a prominent place in Ayodhya. These books are distributed free to devotees desirous of doing this seva. The way in which they have to be written and the benefits out of this seva are hinted in the front pages of the book. Lord Ram willing, with the co-operation of devotees it is proposed to have the "Rama Nama Stupam" inaugurated during Rama Navami festival falling in the month of April 2008. Devotees desirous of performing this holy seva are requested to contact the following addresses to collect the books and also to return them after completing them.



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"Saibaba Ke Mutt", Kshetra Gangapur,
Karnataka, India
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